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Apartments in City Walk

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City Walk apartments for sale, UAE

Apartments in City Walk for investment and living are in an excellent geographical location. Dubai's city centre has many attractions, including the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and dancing fountains. Jumeirah beaches, and Dubai Mall, are a five-ten minute drive away. The international airport is fifteen minutes away. Highly liquid and profitable housing is in the free zones. It allows foreign citizens to invest money in real estate and own it with full ownership.

The price

City Walk apartments' cost depends on the number of rooms and amenities. Many have additional amenities, such as swimming pools and fitness centres.

  • Average apartment prices in City Walk are as follows;
  • One-bedroom apartments sell for AED 1.9 million ($517,500);
  • Two-bedroom residences cost 3.15 million AED ($857,500);
  • A three-bedroom home costs around AED 4.19 million ($1.14 million).

Housing with four bedrooms and five-six bathrooms remains the most expensive. Duplex apartments cost AED 7.48 million ($2.03 million) to AED 13 million ($3.54 million).

Apartment types

City Walk properties represent an apartment with one or two levels and varying numbers of bedrooms. Demand for spacious apartments with one to four bedrooms is higher than for duplexes with three to four bedrooms. Upon purchase, you can move into the apartments. All household appliances, built-in wardrobes, and sanitary amenities are included in the rent. Materials such as natural wood and stone decorate the room. Spacious layouts focus on different numbers of residents, but they all meet high comfort requirements.

Investment property in City Walk

Real estate in Dubai in the UAE remains one of the top destinations for overseas investment. There are several explanations. These are:

  • Maintain a stable exchange rate between your local currency and the dollar to avoid sudden price fluctuations.
  • Constantly high demand for housing due to large numbers of visitors.
  • Attractive rental return rates

The return on investment for foreigners in apartments in City Walk can range from 4.5% for four-bedroom apartments to 6% for one-bedroom apartments.

You can also invest money and make more money from housing resale. Apartment prices in City Walk and other prestigious areas of the city are rising. Modern, well-maintained complexes are easy to sell.

We will help you buy a City Walk apartment

You can find all City Walk apartment ads on the website. Real-time search lets you find a convenient option. Using the site filters, you can study prices in dollars and euros. Professional brokers will help you choose and buy an apartment in City Walk. To get advice from English-speaking real estate specialists, ask a question in the feedback form. Start shopping now to avoid missing out on the hottest deals.